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^^^ click on photos & scroll for more ^^^                                                                              Photo's are taken before and immediately after procedure. Color will ALWAYS soften and lighten as it heals.

It's All About Waking Up Make-Up Ready To Go!

With the following techniques I can create almost any look. From a very natural light finish to a beautifully bold brow. A delicate to a medium lash line filled eyeliner. First, we discuss the best shape for your face and choose a color that matches your natural hair color and skin undertone. Next, the area is cleaned and numbed. Finally, after the procedure is complete and you approve your new/fabulous brows and/or lash liner, you get to leave with a stunning, "Beautifully You But Better" look!

Microblading - $450.00 Initial Visit - 

A semi-permanent brow tattoo using a handheld tool, which creates very natural hair like strokes. Microblading is perfect for those who want the most natural look, or for those who want to define their brows and fill in some gaps. This is best for clients who have normal/dry skin with fine and relatively evenly dispersed hair. Giving you up to 2 years of low maintenance, carefree brows.

Powder Brow/Microshading - $450.00 Initial Visit -

A semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that uses a small machine to place extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin, creating from a soft-shaded to a bold-instagram brow look .... Powder Brow/Micro shading gives you up to 2 1/2 years of low maintenance, carefree brows.

Combo Brow - $500.00 Initial Visit - 

The love child of microblading and powder brow/micro shading. The combo brow is a full shaded brow (using a machine) with microbladed hair strokes only at the front part of the brow. Combo brows suit clients who prefer the filled in makeup look, who have dense and uneven eyebrows, and who still want the natural look of some hair like strokes at the front of their brows. Giving you up to 3 years of low maintenance carefree brows.

Lash Line - $400 Initial Visit - 

Eyelash Enhancement involves tattooing an thin black line along the lash line to create an illusion of fuller, darker lashes for a natural, eye-opening effect. Eyelash Enhancement adds an instant noticeable definition to your eyes, making them irresistibly beautiful. It’s the eyeliner that everyone can benefit from. This permanent makeup procedure is a secret of many celebrities.

Eyelash Enhancement is a great solution for those who have sparse, light colored lashes or are dealing with alopecia.

Similar to other permanent makeup procedures, Eyelash Enhancement/Lash Line Eyeliner endures a 4-6 week touch-up period after the initial session. However, once your touch-up is done the results last up to 2-3 years. THIS IS NOT A THICK EYELINER. 

Get to know your artist . . .

Tifany is a Baraboo, WI native spending the huge majority of her life serving her community as a Massage Therapist and Microblade Artist. 

She has trained with some of the top master microblade artists in the industry and is truly passionate about helping people improve their confidence by experiencing just how freeing a beautiful & carefree brow and eye liner can be. 

Client Testimonials

"I LOVE waking up to my perfect eyebrows! Tifany is the BEST in Baraboo! She is very detailed and truly an artist in creating the perfect brow.. I get compliments every where I go!!" 

-Mary J   8/10/2021

"I am in love with my eyebrows. Tifany did an outstanding job in making sure I was comfortable with the procedure and also made my eyebrows look phenomenal! I am so happy i took the opportunity to get my eyebrows done by someone so great. Tifany is truly an artist!"

-Chloe K   8/30/2021 (Google Review)

"Tifany is an amazing artist! She explains the process every step of the way and makes sure you are comfortable. I LOVE my new brows!"

-Kari B    8/31/2021 (Google Review)

"I came to Tifany in early August for a microblading/shading appointment. My eyebrows have never looked so good! Before I had them done, I really struggled with keeping them symmetrical. I had one eyebrow that always grew in a little patchy. Tifany fixed them right up! She is very professional about her business. She sat me down and explained the process to me. She took her time sketching them out to make sure they were absolutely perfect before we started. Tifany made sure I was comfortable the entire time, all while providing a calm and soothing environment. I actually fell asleep! I love my brows! She does amazing work, truly an artist. I no longer struggle drawing on my eyebrows. I wake up and they look beautiful with no needed help. If you're looking to get your eyebrows done, I highly recommend Tifany. I've never been happier with my look. I added a picture of myself, first thing in the morning. And I cannot believe how awesome my brows look! Thank you so much, Tifany!"

-Marcella P   9/1/2021 (Google Review)

"I am a 73 yr old woman who's eyebrows were becoming thin so this appealed to me. I was a bit nervous that it would make my face look a little hard and unnatural, but I am extremely pleased that it did just the opposite. It accented my natural facial features, and I am so pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Tifany if you are considering having this done. She took me through each part of the process with ease. I liked that she had me approve each step before moving forward so I was very comfortable because I could see every step before she did her work. Also, the atmosphere of her suite is very calming, clean and comfortable. Thank you Tifany for your thoughtfulness and 5 Star Service!"

-June Sturgis  9/6/2021 (Google Review)

"WOW - What a difference! I am so happy with the results! Tifany did an amazing job of listening to what I wanted my brows to look like…. she drew them, we discussed them and I “approved” them before we started. What a comfortable setting with a person who truly cares. A true professional. Makes me look younger ☺️ and who doesn’t want that. I highly recommend Tifany."

-Lisa W. 9/15/2021  (Google Review)

"Tiffany was absolutely fantastic. She took her time designing my new eyebrows and listened to all my specific requests. She checked on my level of comfort multiple times during the procedure. She explained the process, dos and don't, and after care. She also made sure I had my touch-up appointment set before I left. I cannot say enough about what an amazing experience and job Tiffany did! I will be recommending her services to everyone!"
-Leticia F. 10/3/2021  (Google Review)

"Absolutely amazing work. Eyebrows are phenomenal now, definitely recommend for your dream eyebrows. Will be coming back for any needs with makeup tattoos in the future."
-Lydia K. 10/31/2021  (Google Review)

"I was both excited and a bit nervous for my initial Ombre brow appointment. Tifany made me feel at ease from the moment she greeted me and that set the tone for a great experience! Similar to what I have read in previous reviews, I was very impressed by Tifany's attention to detail with drawing my brows and getting my approval. Tifany explained the process to me prior to the appointment, but did so again before we started and at each step along the way. She made sure to ask about my comfort throughout the process, which I also appreciated so much. For me, the procedure was almost painless and I was relaxed so much so that I caught myself "napping" a couple of times. At the end of the procedure, Tifany again made sure I understood the after-care procedures and knew what to expect between now and my follow-up appointment. I'm loving the new look and am looking forward to my follow-up appointment in 6 weeks. Thank you, Tifany!!"
-Shirley S. 11/2/2021  (Google Review)

"Very happy with my new brows!! Kind of hesitant at first just not knowing what they are going to look like. But Tiffany makes you feel very comfortable and makes sure you are happy with her drawing them out first before she does any work. Explains everything completely with the after care. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to for a new younger look!"
-Debby M.  11/6/2021  (Google Review)